Giovanni Targioni Tozzetti

Area : San Jacopino

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San Jacopino
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Flat Description

Bright and lovely apartment situated a few meters away from San Jacopino Square, in an area served by buses, composed of 4 single bedrooms, a balcony with washing-machine, two bathrooms (one with shower and one with bathtub).
The living-room is a nice area where you can share your experiences with your flatmates with sofas and a TV with a flat screen, the kitchen is fully equipped: fridge, oven, pans and cutlery.
In the property, at the back of the building, there is a private space to park your bike.

Neighborhood Description

The name comes from the typical Florentine trasnformation of San Giacomo’s name. The Church San Jacopo in Polverosa has been dedicated to him, called San Jacopino to avoid confusions with other churches of the city center. The Church was situated in the middle of the Sqaure but has been destroyed during World War II.
It is well connected to the city center and to all the Universities of Florence thanks to buses. You can also reach the city center within 15 minutes walk. The square has a simple local appearance, with a few grocery stores and few homemade and cheap restaurants. The buildings were made during the Thirties, during the Fascism, when the area was developed .
There are only two exceptions: the first one is a modern building dating from 1976, characterized by assymetric forms zhere we can find a bank a few apartments today. The second one is recent and is the Dellapiccola Square in front of a Student House (2005), today, a meeting point for Summer events with small markets and other outdoor activities.

Points of Interest

Students House
Santa Maria Novella train station (where trains for all destinations in Italy are departing from)
Historical Center
Novoli University

How to get around ?

Tramvia T2 (Aeroporto Peretola <=> Unità): it connects to city center and Novoli area
Bus 23 (Sorgane / Bagno a Ripoli <=> T2 Guidoni): it connects to city center and Novoli area
Novoli University: 13 minutes by foot, 5 minutes by bike
Historical center: 15 minutes by foot, 4 minutes by bike